Twisted Scizzors want to let everyone know that a transformation like the one above from brunette to a beautiful blond takes a bit of work, commitment, time, and money.

     It can not be done properly maintaining healthy and shiny hair in one appointment. It is just not realistic to expect a look like this in one sitting. 

     It took Khloe 3-4 months of work to achieve this look. It takes many appointments of going a few shades lighter at each appointment with time in between with proper hair care shampoos for color treated hair, and deep conditioning treatments to retain the moisture and health of the hair.

     Twisted Scizzors cares about our guests and their hair health so we will analyze the condition of your hair and guide you through the proper steps to get you to your desired look but just realize that it may take some time to achieve your hair goals.

Below are some Hair Color examples of colors that Twisted Scizzors Has Achieved for Real..

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Color Services

Pricing starts at and include shampoo:

Root to end color -                  $  80.00
Full Highlight -                         $105.00
Dimensional Color -                  $130.00
Color retouch -                        $ 70.00
Halo Highlights-                       $ 65.00
10 foils or less -                      $ 55.00
Wet on Wet partial -                $125.00
Wet on Wet full -                    $150.00
Camo Color (Men)-                   $  35.00
Glaze                                     $  30.00
Additional Color -                     $ 20.00
Corrective Color -      upon consultation
Fun Colors -             upon consultation
      Twisted Scizzors hair color experts are trained using JKS Italian Color, Redken Chromatics and Pravana.
​      You will receive a signature consultation with every hair color service.
Our stylists will provide you with a custom color created just for you.  

***All Services Start at these prices, May vary due to stylist level and hair length and thickness. Always determined during consultation.***   

      *18 and under.  Twisted Scizzors requires a parental consent form to be filled out on all hair color services before they are performed.       

     Below are some Examples of some Hair Colors that people have been seeing floating around the internet and think to themselves... WOW, want that color.

     While these vibrant and amazing colors/combinations look real and awesome they are not real in most cases. Just someone good with a computer.

     Some really nice, vibrant, and wild hair colors can be achieved but they may not happen all in one appointment while maintaining healthy hair. Some can.

     The vibrance will usually dull fairly quickly also. Maintenance is crucial to the longevity of the vibrant colors, professional hair care products are a must.

     Twisted Scizzors professionals have the knowledge to recommend the proper products to care for your new vibrant color and also advise you on how to use them. It will be ultimately be up to you to use them and properly. 

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